Telstra Accelerates AI Evolution Through Strategic Partnership with Infosys

Telstra AI

In a significant move to enhance its technological capabilities, Telstra has entered into a strategic partnership with Infosys.

This collaboration aims to accelerate Telstra’s IT evolution and enhance its service offerings, reinforcing its position as a leading telecommunications and information services provider.

The partnership is set to focus on building a joint integrated enterprise, leveraging Infosys’s extensive expertise in digital services and consulting.

One of the primary objectives is to improve Telstra’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) by enhancing customer experience and reducing service delivery times.

Infosys will assist Telstra in developing a global operating model, ensuring seamless access to Telstra’s services for customers across different regions

Technological Integration and Innovation

Infosys will bring its robust suite of services and platforms to the table, including cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and digital process automation.

By utilizing Infosys’s AI-first approach, Telstra will be able to offer more innovative and efficient solutions to its customers​.

Telstra Continues Strong Push Towards AI

The move continues to demonstrates Telstra’s commitment to streamlining process through AI, and utilising it to improve business performance.

Telstra, with its international presence in 15 countries, is also looking to expand its global footprint through this partnership.

Infosys’s global pool of resources and capabilities will play a crucial role in scaling Telstra’s operations and meeting the growing demands of its international business.

Will It Help Telstra’s Stock Bounce Back?

Telstra have been on a steady decline stock wise over the last year. They recently achieved a 1 year low in stock price, however, they are tipped as a great buy due to continuing to focus on the future.

Despite set backs recently, with pushback on pricing increases and the Optus and TPG partnership, threatening regional market share, they are showcasing their commitment to the T25 Plan.


Telstra’s strategic partnership with Infosys signifies a major step in the telecommunications leader’s ongoing digital transformation.

By harnessing Infosys’s AI and cloud expertise, Telstra aims to boost innovation, improve customer experience, and strengthen its global presence.

This collaboration demonstrates Telstra’s dedication to technological advancement and a promising future for both companies.


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