Telstra Jumps into the Gaming Arena: How to Score a PS5 Deal

Telstra PS5

Attention Aussie gamers! Telstra has officially thrown its hat into the console ring by offering PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories.

We’ve had feedback from our readers recently on some issues they have faced and wanted to let everyone know, how to avoid these issues as well as get the best deal, when heading to Telstra for a PS5.

But before you rush to upgrade your phone plan, let’s break down what they offer and how to snag the best bang for your buck.

Details On The Telstra PS5 Deal

A key offer for Telstra is the Play Now, Pay Later selling point. It pushes the monthly repayment option as opposed to the outright cost of the PS5. Let’s get into more small details you need to be aware of.

  • Bundled Plans: Telstra isn’t selling PS5s on their own. You’ll need to sign up for (or upgrade) an eligible mobile or internet plan.
  • Two Flavors: Telstra offers both the standard PS5 with disc drive, and the PS5 Digital Edition (no disc drive, download games only).
  • Payment Options: You can either pay for the PS5 upfront or opt for a monthly payment plan spread across 12 or 24 months.

The two consoles are priced at normal RRP and are available on 12 or 24 month contracts as well as outright.

Telstra PS5

So, how do you get the best deal? Well, it’s simple….

PS5 on Telstra Plus

Incredibly, Telstra are offering the PS5 on Telstra Plus. That means that if you are already a customer, you can redeem your points to score huge discounts.

The points you redeem could take off $100s in value from the PS5 and lumping the remaining amount on your bill.

You also receive Telstra Plus points for your purchase, which is also another huge win for Telstra customers.


Telstra jumping into the PS5 game is enticing, especially if you’re already a customer of theirs. But before you sign that contract, channel your inner accountant!

Do the math, compare options, and don’t get swept away by the allure of the console alone. Informed buyers always end up the real winners!

Always check out the competitors for better deals.


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