Best Family Mobile Plans in 2024

Family Mobile Plans

Choosing the right mobile plans for your family in 2024 can be a complex task. Telco Providers are constantly updating offerings, introducing new features, and adjusting prices.

The thought of paying for your family is especially daunting, when you consider the price can exceed hundreds of dollars.

In this article, we aim to cut through the noise, analyzing the most competitive family mobile plans in Australia, highlighting those that offer excellent value without sacrificing features.

I’ll also be addressing some of the cheapest ways for you to get the most out of any potential family plans or even high value plan mobile plans that you can stack for your family.

Key Considerations for Family Mobile Plans in 2024

Before you choose specific providers, you need to understand the fundamental factors that shape the ideal family mobile plan in 2024:

  • Data, Data, Data: With streaming, gaming, and social media consumption at an all-time high, generous data allowances are a must. Look for plans offering either large individual data pools or shared data across family members.
  • Flexibility: Family needs change. Opt for plans with no lock-in contracts and the ability to adjust data allowances up or down as required.
  • Value Beyond Basics: While price is important, consider perks like included streaming subscriptions, international roaming minutes, or data-free access to certain apps. These add value beyond just calls, texts, and data.
  • Age-Appropriate Features: Parental control options and plans specifically tailored for children or seniors can provide peace of mind and appropriate usage limits.

Those are all things to consider, however if price is the key factor, let’s get into some of the cheapest ways for you to connect your family.

Cheapest Family Mobile Plans

If you search for family mobile plans, you’ll find a range of plans that are roughly $35-$40 or providers just listing multiple plans.

Let’s discuss the cheapest ways to get your family onto plan with adequate data and inclusions.

For you to get the cheapest plan, you should consider getting separate services from the same provider.

For example, if you get X4 or X5 the Circles.Life plans, you will get your entire family on board for $44 or $55 per month. This would be due to the promo and provides Unlimited calls + text and 30GB of data.

By stacking services at the same provider, you will get the best deal. Traditional “family plans” are typically just normal plans from providers, marketed as “family”.

So if you’re after the best value, stack and save. All of these options that are below $20 per month, means you can get the entire family connected for under $100.

In Market Family Mobile Plan Options

As mentioned, providers also offer family plans, however the prices are typically the same as core plans or with a little discount. This is evident with the Optus and Telstra family plans.

The benefits are there with these plans though, as they include data sharing and superior network quality.

How To Switch My Entire Family Over

If you decide to go with the big 3 (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone) you can take your family in and get it all sorted on the day. If you go with the cheaper MVNO providers, you will need to do it online.

The process is quite simple, you will need all your billing and account details to switch providers, for further clarity, read our guide: How To Switch Mobile Providers.

Is There Any Benefits To Family Mobile Plans?

While there can be occasional promotional deals with traditional family plans, they rarely provide genuine long-term cost benefits for most users.

The flexibility offered by shared data and the occasional perk don’t outweigh the typically higher prices compared to carefully selecting individual plans.

For the majority of families, the most cost-effective and flexible solution lies with MVNOs such as Moose Mobile, Amaysim and more..

These smaller providers leverage the networks of the big players while offering simpler, more affordable plans.

By strategically combining individual plans suitable for each family member’s needs, you’re likely to save significantly compared to a bundled family plan from a major carrier.

Now that you have all the information you require, best of luck getting the best value for your family!


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