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For addicted gamers, a reliable and super fast internet connection is non-negotiable. There is nothing more frustrating than letting your online buddies down with a high ping.

Australian telcos recognize this and are sweetening the deal by bundling gaming consoles with their broadband plans.

This gives you a one-stop shop for both your internet and entertainment needs. But with Telstra, Optus, and other providers in the mix, which one is the right fit for you? Let’s dive in and explore the options.

Telstra: Premium Performance and Perks

Telstra, Australia’s leading telco, often offers Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 bundles with their high-tier NBN plans.

They also offer the consoles on HRO (Hardware Repayment Options) as well as through redemption on the Telstra Plus store.

I’ll leave some links below, so you can check it out for yourself!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Top-notch Speeds: Telstra’s plans typically offer fast download and upload speeds, ideal for online gaming and downloading large game files.
  • Bundled Subscriptions: They might include bonus subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PlayStation Plus, giving you access to a vast library of games.
  • Priority Add-Ons: With products such as the Telstra Internet Optimiser, you can really prioritise your home internet speed, for gaming.
  • Extras: Look out for additional perks like Telstra Plus points or discounts on accessories.
  • Considerations: Telstra’s plans tend to be pricier, so weigh the value of the console and included benefits against the overall cost.

These things considered, Telstra from a product and bundle solution, do stand out in the market of Telco’s offering gaming.

Here are the links, so you can see for yourself.

Optus: Gaming Perks, No Consoles!

Optus is shifting gears to focus on affordability, offering alternative perks for gamers. While they no longer include consoles in bundles, their NBN plans still pack a punch for gamers.

I’ll list some reasons why their nbn plans, could be a good option.

  • Decent Speeds: While not the absolute fastest, Optus delivers speeds that comfortably handle most online gaming, ensuring smooth gameplay for the majority of titles.
  • Extra Data: Optus plans often include bonus data specifically for gaming or entertainment. This means you can enjoy those online matches without worrying about hitting your data cap.
  • Budget-Friendly: Optus plans are generally more wallet-friendly than Telstra, making them an attractive choice for gamers who prioritize value.
  • Game Path: Optus are offering certain products, to improve lag time on PC consoles.
  • Consider Your Needs: While Optus might not be the top pick for hardcore gamers demanding the highest specs, it’s a solid choice for those who prioritize value and reliable speeds for everyday gaming.

Now, whilst they don’t offer consoles, they still somewhat do have a focus on gaming, but compared to Telstra, it’s not a question who offers more.

Vodafone: PS5 Only!

Vodafone had made a splash in the gaming scene by offering attractive PlayStation 5 bundles alongside their NBN plans, when they were first released.

Since then, they haven’t really developed the product offering, but still do offer attractive options on the PS5.

Vodafone PS5

They offer the PS5 slim on a 36 month option, the PS5 Controller, Media remote and 3D wireless headset, all on repayment options.

In regards to the perks or incentives for gamers, they don’t compete with other providers which gamers may not like.

Other Providers: Exploring Your Options

In terms of other providers, I found a bunch of outdated webpages, where other smaller providers do not offer gaming anymore.

This means, you are locked into either Vodafone or Telstra when it comes to gaming in Australia, when provided by your Telco.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Before making a decision, weigh these factors:

  • Internet Speed: How important is super-fast internet for your gaming style?
  • Console Preference: Are you a PlayStation or Xbox fan?
  • Budget: What’s your monthly budget for internet and a console?
  • Bundled Benefits: Are you interested in bonus subscriptions, extra data, or other perks?
  • Contract Length: Be aware of the contract terms, including any early termination fees.

You need to be sure, as if you do go through your Telco, you will be locked in for around 24 to 36 months, which isn’t the worst thing, considering Consoles don’t update frequently.

So Who Is The Best Provider For Gaming?

I spent 3 hours researching each provider and perks associated with each of them, in relation to gaming consoles and bundles.

Telstra were the clear winner as they offer several things:

  • PS5 & XBOX Console Options on HRO
  • PS5 & XBOX Console Options on Telstra Plus
  • PS5 & XBOX Accessories
  • Gaming Add-Ons Such As Internet Optimiser
  • Xbox Game Pass deal
  • Earn Telstra Plus Points

All these things consider, they are a clear standout for Aussie telco providers who offer gaming.


Hopefully now you have a better understanding of Telco providers, who are going above and beyond for gamers in Australia.

Clearly Telstra are the undisputed kings, in a market that is surprisingly not really developing. Seeing providers such as Optus and Vodafone offer minimal options for gamers was disappointing.

Hopefully in the coming years, we see a huge switch, which will bring more competition and better deals for us!


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