How To Cancel Your Telstra Internet Service

Cancel Telstra Services

Thinking about switching from Telstra, moving, or you’ve found a cheaper option since Telstra’s Internet price rises? Cancelling Telstra Internet can be straightforward process if you know the steps.

Here’s a guide to help you save time and money while cancelling your Telstra services, and avoid the hassles of cancelling a service.

What You Need To Consider Before Cancelling Your Telstra Service!

Before cancelling your Telstra service, there are several crucial things to consider:

  1. Do You Still Need the Service Active?
    • Why This Matters: Cancelling your service means you’ll lose internet access until a new provider activates your service. Make sure to sign up with a different provider and have the service activated before cancelling Telstra.
  2. Do You Have Hardware Devices Attached?
    • Why This Matters: If you have a modem, especially if it’s less than 2-3 years old, check the termination charges for the Smart Modem. You can verify this via the Telstra app or by contacting Telstra. Sometimes, returning the modem can void the termination charge.
  3. Are You Using Telstra Plus Rewards?
    • Why This Matters: If the Telstra internet service is your only active service, cancelling it means you will no longer be eligible to use your Telstra Plus points. Consider this if you frequently use the rewards program.
  4. What Will Your Final Bill Look Like?
    • Why This Matters: To avoid complicated final bills, try to cancel or switch providers as close to your billing date as possible. This can help ensure a smoother transition and prevent unexpected charges.

If you’ve considered all these points and are ready to proceed, you’re set to begin the cancellation process, so let’s go!

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancel Telstra Internet

There are many ways to cancel your Telstra internet service, with Telstra offering a vast array of contact points for their customers.

Here are some ways to contact Telstra and cancel your internet services.

Cancelling Telstra By Phone

Dial Telstra’s customer service at 132200. When connected, follow the prompts to reach the cancellations department.

Once you are speaking with a representative, explain that you wish to cancel your service. Provide them with your account details and any other information they may need.

Be clear about the services you want to cancel and ask for confirmation of any potential termination charges or fees.

You might find that they offer you a “saves discount” which is a short term discount to keep you as a customer.

Finally, ensure you receive a confirmation of your cancellation. The representative should provide details about what to expect next, including any final billing information and the return process for any Telstra equipment.

If you do not receive a confirmation email or notice within a few days, it’s a good idea to follow up to ensure the cancellation has been processed correctly.

Cancelling Via The App and Live Chat

Cancelling your Telstra service via live chat is another easy option that can be done from your computer or mobile device.

Begin by visiting the Telstra website and navigating to the support section. Look for the live chat option, usually found at the bottom right corner of the page.

Before initiating the chat, have your account details ready, including your account number and any identification information required.

You will need to authenticate yourself via 2FA SMS and provide them with personal information.

Inform them that you wish to cancel your service and provide the necessary account information.

Make sure to save the chat transcript or take note of any reference numbers provided. You should also get the option to email the transcript.

Cancelling By Going Into Store

I usually don’t recommend going into a store due to potential wait times, but if you’ve exhausted other options, visiting a store might be necessary.

Once there, request to cancel your services. You’ll need to provide identification, and a team member will assist you with the cancellation process.

What If I Can’t Cancel?

If you’ve tried contacting Telstra and gone into store to no avail, there is one method left that should work for you.

You can file complaint with Telstra via their online complaints form, this gets escalated to their complaints team who will respond by contacting you via phone or email.

We’ve had countless readers and even ourselves have tried this, and the Telstra complaints team are typically great at resolving the issues.

Final Thoughts

To summarise what we’ve gone through, you can cancel your Telstra internet via multiple methods, these include:

  • Contacting Telstra by Phone
  • Contacting Telstra via The Telstra App or Live Chat
  • Going Into Store
  • Completing The Complaints Form

Hopefully now you have a good understanding of how to cancel your Telstra Internet, and the process is as smooth as possible.


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