One Week on MATE Mobile: Performance, Coverage, and More!

MATE Mobile Network Review

By now, I’ve lost count of the number of prepaid services I’ve tried, but conducting these network reviews is always rewarding. This latest review of MATE Mobile is no exception.

MATE Mobile is known for its no-contract plans and appealing data packages, which grabbed my interest as a heavy data user.

We’ve previously written about MATE Mobile also known as “letsbemates”, reviewing their plan structure on both mobile and Internet.

This time though, we’ve decided to test the network in Sydney, and documented the entire experience throughout.

So with that said, here’s a detailed account of my week-long experience with MATE Mobile.

Easy Setup and Activation

Signing up and setting up my MATE Mobile service and sim card was a breeze. The activation process was straightforward and user-friendly.

I really enjoyed how straightforward the website is, you just visit the plans section, they have a 4G and 5G filter, and you select the plan you want.

After I signed up, I received clear instructions via email, and my number was ported successfully, once I received my sim.

Initial Impressions and Network Performance Using A iPhone 15

My initial impressions of the network performance were very positive. While in Sydney, the signal strength remained consistently strong.

In my first location, Bondi, I experienced 5G coverage for 99% of my visit. Using social media was seamless, with no lag or call dropouts.

Bondi 5G Coverage Mate Mobile

I conducted several speed tests during both peak and off-peak hours, and the results were impressive.

Download speeds averaged around 72 Mbps, and upload speeds were approximately 23 Mbps, which is more than sufficient for my daily needs.

Usage in Different Locations Across Sydney & NSW

To thoroughly test MATE Mobile’s coverage, I used the service in various locations, including a suburban area and a more rural location.

In the suburbs, specifically Merrylands, the signal strength remained robust, and I experienced no drop in performance.

I’d say I was connected to 5G for about 75% of my visit, and 4G for the remaining 25% of the visit.

MATE Mobile Merrylands, Sydney Suburbs

Next, I travelled to Katoomba. During the trip, 5G dropped out quite a bit, which is understandable given the remote nature of the area with vast open land.

MATE Mobile Katoomba

Despite this, I only lost signal once and had a very strong 4G connection, which worked excellently for using maps and streaming.

Summary Of MATE Mobile’s Network Coverage

Overall, I would rate my experience a 9.6 out of 10. The network coverage was extensive in the places I travelled, clearly reflecting Telstra’s robust network.

To view the full coverage map, visit MATE Mobile’s Network. You can expect to experience the powerful Telstra network.

MATE Mobile’s Plans and Pricing

MATE Mobile’s plans are priced competitively, offering great value for money. Their no-contract options provide flexibility, making it easy to switch plans as needed.

They currently have some great plans, that are priced well and cater to many.

MATE Mobile Plans

Ditching a restrictive contract doesn't mean giving up on convenience or features. MATE Mobile Plans are designed to offer you exactly what you need – a simple, no-contract SIM only mobile plan that fits your lifestyle.

Gone are the days of worrying about going over your minutes or texts. MATE Mobile Plans boast unlimited national calls, text and MMS within Australia, letting you chat, text, and share pictures and videos with your mates to your heart's content without a care in the world.

MATE Mobile Features

  • Reliable coverage on the full Telstra 4G & 5G network.
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Bring your own compatible phone.
  • eSIM available.
  • Easy and fast setup.
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They even have some double data offers, on plans above $40. Use the code “DOUBLEDATA” at checkout, to your double your data for the first 3 months of your plan!

Be quick though, the Double Data offer ends on the 30th of June, 2024.

Customer Support Test & Mobile App

I decided to test MATE Mobile’s customer support by reaching out with a couple of inquiries. The response was prompt and helpful.

The support team addressed my questions efficiently, and went above and beyond to resolve my questions.

It’s great to see a commitment to good service, as it can be hard to come by these days.

I also downloaded the app, as advised by their customer service team, I couldn’t remember my password but finally got it sorted.

The app is very straightforward and tracks your general usage, it also has several features like live chat, network outages and more.

Final Thoughts and Overall Experience

By the end of the week and my testing, I was thoroughly impressed with MATE Mobile.

The network performance was reliable, and the customer service was commendable. It’s clear the advantage that the Telstra network provides, specifically in rural areas.

MATE Mobile’s plans also offer excellent value for money, especially with the flexibility of their plans, and easy sign-up process.


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